Elemental Analyzers

XRF Spectrometers use a non-destructive method of energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence to determine the percent elemental composition, from Sodium to Uranium , of a solid, liquid or powdered sample.

BH Series Handheld XRF Analyzer

BDX Series Benchtop XRF Analyzer

Sulfur in Oil Analyzer
Thin Film Thickness Analyzers

Thin Film Thickness Measurement Systems are capable of highly precise measuring of coatings and thin films between 1nm to 1mm that are applied to the surface of materials to alter their properties.

B20 Desktop Thin Film Thickness Measurement System

B40 Microscopic Thin Film Thickness Measurement System

BHC Thin Film Thickness Measurement System for Hard Coatings
Microscopy Systems

Atomic Force, Lateral Force, and Scanning Tunnel Microscopy Systems measure the surface of a sample for nanoscale research in applications including: material science, semiconductors, data storage devices, polymers, optics with measurement of nanoscale topography, nano-mechanical, nano-electrical, and nanoscale chemical mapping.

BAFM2000 Atomic Force & Lateral Force Microscopy System

BAFM Scanning Probe Microscopy System
Mechanical / Industrial Design

Braunetek has a onsite staff of engineers to help assist you in the design and development of your project. Our engineers have experience in designing and manufacturing everything from small individual parts and devices to full large systems. We can help take a product from an idea to the marketplace.
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Angel Drums Team Up With Braunetek
February 26, 2014

Montclair, NJ - Braunetek has successfully completed a patent design project with Angel Drums.

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